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April 28, 2010

Visitors guide to Restaurants worth trying in Paris, France

There is nowhere in the world quite like Paris, France. Many often refer to Paris as the love capital of the world, and how true this is when it comes to not only their relationships, but in their love of food.

So where do you start? When coming to Paris, the first thing to do would be to try their Fine Dining. Lasserre, located on 17, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, is famous for just this. Dine is this restaurant and feel like pure royalty, with its beautifully restored décor, impeccable service and fine food that takes you back to the feeling of Paris in the old day. What its most famous for, apart from splendid food, would be its retractable ceiling that reveals the night sky right above you as you dine and indulge. A little on the high end , but worth every penny to have an experience dining under the stars in class.

L’Ambroisie would be another restaurant to experience the art of the French Cuisine. Located on 9, place des Vosges, this beautiful restaurant boasts one of the highest ratings ever, with its excellent service, beautiful interior, candlelight dining and mouth watering food. Another restaurant on the pricy side but with each dish almost close to near perfection and a fantastic wine list, it’s sure to be something you won’t regret.

Another restaurant well known for its fine dining would be the La Tour D’Argent. Giving diners a breathtaking view of Notre dame and the Seine, the La Tour D’Argent , located 15, quai de la Tournelle is almost 400 years old. Almost like a landmark to some, this fine restaurant specialty , pressed duckling, draws more people in than ever.

Not all of the best restaurants in Paris are expensive though. For the same delicious French cuisine on a light yet authentic note, try Lapérouse. Located on 51,quai des Grands-Augustins, the food here as described by many is like an explosion of flavors that will leave you wanting more even when you get full. With its warm cozy setting, excellent wine list and ever friendly staff, this place seems like the perfect French restaurant by the corner that we all see in the movies.

The best restaurants in Paris not only serve the best food, they offer you an experience of a lifetime, a trip back in time and a slice of heaven all in one visit, something not many places can replicate even till today.

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