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August 30, 2010

Tips for easier travel

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There are plenty of ways to travel ,its up to the individual,how they make it tip for traveling to Paris from the UK is this go by train. It is far quicker to travel by train than it is to travel by flying or by road.Now some of you might wonder what I am on about well I will explain.

If you are going to fly you first have to travel to one of the many airports a round London ,or the many airports around were you live,you have to check in and you wait for at least 2 hours, to Bord the plane ,then it takes you at least 1 hour to fly to Charles d goule airport ,then you have to wait for your baggage at least half an hour ,then you get a taxi to take you in to the center of Paris, maybe that will take you half an hour ,that is 4 hours or longer depending on the security these days.Now lets go by train you catch the train at Waterloo station in London,time it right and you board strait away,there is no waiting,and of you go,your passports are checked on the train ,and 2 hours later you in the centre of Paris,now thats not bad by any stretch of the imagination,and what I like the best of all is that there are no rude airport staff to put up with.Now thats what I call a good what a bonus, try it some time it can be cheaper to.

And with the new rail link that is opening this year at kings Cross it will be even quicker to get to Paris.Why bother with airports with all that security that goes with airports these days, its not as if you are going far is it.I would my self never fly to Paris what I would do is take my car and travel on the train,that way then you have your car to travel about on more savings .

And you can in this day and age book everything on line, you can even book hotels in Paris and they come a lot cheaper than booking through a travel agent, as you cut out the middle man.

Of course some times you have to travel by air,sometimes there is no way that you can travel by car or train.Spain is one of the country’s that is a very popular holiday venue for many British holiday makers,and most of the tourist’s from the UK travel by air.many years ago when Spain first became popular the travel agents did a good job of getting the tourist to there holiday destination .Of course they charged a good fee for getting them there ,but now with the use of the Internet ,you can book very cheap flights ,some of the flights are so cheap you wonder how the air line stays a float ,some of the prices are as cheap as twenty five British pounds ,there and back ,of course there is always a catch ,the catch being that the air line like to charge you for tall the drinks that you drink on board ,and all the food that you eat,also they like to charge a small fortune for baggage .My second tip is to not buy anything once you are on board ,most flights are only a few hours some no more than three hours ,feed your self before you get on the plane and take with you a drink stashed away in your hand luggage,as for luggage that you have to have and that is put in the hold ,then take only a small amount with you ,you can always buy some very cheap clothes once you are there,any way ,most of the time you will be on the beach wont you

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