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August 17, 2010

Things to Know Before You Rent An Apartment in Paris

Paris is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the the world. Renting a apartment is the perfect way to explore Paris’s expansive coastline. In fact, Paris has more apartment rentals than any other state. Most apartment rental properties are attractively furnished and include basic amenities such as cooking appliances and cookware, linens and towels, televisions, stereos, telephones, and Internet access. Many are equipped with swimming pools, hot tubs, spas and outdoor showers.

Most Paris apartment rentals are offered by private individuals or property management organizations. Some are pet friendly and many offer handicap accessibility. These beachfront beauties can be rented daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or for an entire season.

For those who bring their pets along, a pet deposit is usually required. Often times, renters with pets are required to pay deposits of $500 or more per pet. Owners may also charge a higher rental rate. Some owners will return the deposit if no damages occur, while others charge a non-refundable deposit. Always obtain pet regulations in writing before signing a rental agreement.

Be aware that each township has their own set of rules regarding pets on the beach. Some beaches allow pets, but have strict waste pick-up rules with hefty fines for those who do not comply. Others do not allow pets and fines of up to $500 can be imposed if you bring your pet to the beach.

Very few Paris apartment rentals allow smoking inside the home. Those that do allow indoor smoking generally require a higher security deposit and may charge higher rental rates. If you rent a non-smoking apartment and smoke inside, it is considered a breech of contract and you will forfeit your security deposit and may be charged with additional cleaning fees. If you are a smoker, be certain to have the rules in writing before signing the rental contract.

When looking for a apartment rental in Paris it’s important to realize that the term luxury means different things in different circles. For instance, beaches can be on bays rather than oceans. It’s important to clarify exactly where the property is located when responding to ads that use terms such as “ocean view”, “steps to the beach”, or “beach accessibility”. Scrutinize these terms and obtain clarity before acceptance of any rental agreement.

Paris is known for its balmy weather. Winters are mild with temperatures averaging around 53 degrees Fahrenheit in Northern Paris to 68 degrees in Southern Paris. The summer months can be long and hot with temperatures averaging in the low- to mid-80’s in the north, and mid- to high-80’s in the south. July and August are oftentimes brutally hot with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees. Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th. Always inquire about the renter’s refund policy should a hurricane warning be issued before or during your stay.

A nice bonus of renting a apartment in Paris is the coastal areas experience gentle breezes during the summer. However, it’s important to realize the rainy season begins in November and continues through Februray. If you visit Paris during this time, expect frequent showers and chilly weather.

It will take time and research to locate the perfect apartment rental in Paris. The best apartments are usually snapped up during the winter for the summer months, so plan ahead and do your research a minimum of six months in advance.

One of the best resources for locating apartment rentals in Paris is Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO). Most apartment owners and property management services place advertisements in local newspapers and vacation trade magazines. To locate local newspapers type in “US Newspaper List” at your favorite search engine Craig’s List as a source for apartment rentals all across the U.S.

It goes without saying there is some risk involved when renting a apartment via the Internet. However, if you take time to contact references, ask numerous questions, and spend time conversing with the potential renter; chances are good you will have a pleasant and satisfying experience.

Last, but not least, be certain to have a back-up plan. Make reservations at a reputable hotel, or appropriate facility that will allow you to cancel your reservation without penalty. You want to make certain that you have a place to stay in case your apartment rental turns out to be less than you expected.

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