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April 20, 2010

The Five Star Paris Vacation Rental

Today savvy luxury vacation owners are stocking their vacation apartment with Frette linens, central air conditioning, fluffy bathrobes and high end artwork on the walls are traditionally found in first rate hotels but now savvy Paris apartment owners are offering these extras to the guests of luxury Paris vacation apartments.

As the euro increases, the number of Paris vacation apartments on the market rises since guests are considering other options. The growing competition for guests is driving out the worn furniture, tacky decor and unfashionable details. Many home owners have considered offsetting costs by making their unoccupied vacation apartments or homes available to short term guests.

Michael and Kathleen Morgan recently rented a 2 bedroom apartment in the Marais from Paris Luxe Apartments. They were amazed by the amenities of the Balthazar apartment which included two thick terry cloth robes, Viking stove in the kitchen, DVD player, museum quality art on the walls and fine china usually reserved for newlyweds. The last time they five years ago, the furniture was worn, the kitchen had a few pots and pan. Everything is so much nicer said Ms. Morgan, an accountant from Des Moines, Iowa.

To stand out from other Paris vacation rentals, new owners are spending more than $500,000 on upgrades and new furnishings including Italian leather sofas, plasma televisions and designer linens. Owners, Jane and Sam Rhodes understand ears that to attract the right clientele, they need to offer the same quality as a five star hotel. Every few years serious upgrades, such as a new kitchen, new bathroom or landscaping is required.

No matter how many perks the owners provide there are always guests who see fit to complain and want even more. Guests rant about allergies to feather stuff pillows or a distained for the Italian Nespresso machine. To some the extra pampering in Paris vacation apartments makes vacation guests spoiled. Some apartments even include a concierge service that will welcome you into the apartment and ensure that your airport transfers are prompt, restaurant reservations confirmed and answer any Paris lifestyle questions.

In June 2006, Victoria and William McCellan paid $2.5 million for a 2 bedroom in the St.Germain des Pres arrondissement of Paris to use as a family getaway. To help pay the mortgage they started renting in out through Paris Luxe Apartments when they were not using it. The apartment was well equipped; it came with a washer/dryer and a sunken Jacuzzi tub. Now when they need to attract affluent guests, the McCellans top quality cookware, high end bedding with lots of silk pillow. This tactic worked and the McCellans secure their desired weekly vacation rate.

The McCellans realized that some guests can be sticky fingered especially when they noticed $100 bathrobes missing fortunately they had taken the security deposit from the guest. And this year, a guest took a Turkish pillow which Ms. McCellan confronted the guest, she admitted to taking it and apologized. Ironically the guest never returned the pillow but once again the security deposit covered the cost of the pillow.

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