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June 21, 2010

Paris on Budget

The city of Paris has so much to offer travelers it’s difficult to know where to begin. Although the wide variety of youth hostels in Paris mean that it is possible to experience each section of Paris on its merits and, even if only for a fleeting few days, as a resident.

River Seine

With a supremely efficient and metro service that’s cheap, regular and comfortable there’s little point in walking. However, to see Paris in this way would be to miss out on its unique atmosphere and attention-grabbing sights and for this reason, a walk along the River Seine is the perfect place to start.

Although it’s advisable to take a map anyway, many of the city’s most renowned landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral jut out of the city around them with an unmissable and indescribably grand distinction.

Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is not only home to many of the best youth hostels in Paris, but also offers some of the best and most finance-friendly nightlife on offer in the city. Originally so-called because of its predominance of Latin-speaking students, it has fast become the social and shopping hub of Parisian students and budget travelers.

The street market along the Rue Mouffetard is one such location, which by day offers food and drink stuffs as well the occasional souvenir. By night however, the restaurants and cafes clamor for custom by offering cheap deals on already superbly priced and generally high-quality food that is an attraction of Paris all of its own.


Clubs and bars in Paris are rife with activity in the evenings, with the Latin Quarter and the famed Moulin Rouge offering a wide range of themes to appeal to a variety of tastes.

The nightlife proper tends to take off quite late in the evening, generally to accommodate the late dinner that characterizes Parisian habit. However, be warned that the Metro only runs until 1:30 AM.

Although cabs are readily available, for the budget traveler keen on sampling the nightlife on a regular basis, it is often more advisable to select youth hostels in Paris located close to the clubs and bars.

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