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June 25, 2010

How to Rent an Apartment in Paris

Renting apartment in Paris is a prudent problem, if you are departing to fritter at slightest a fasten of weeks there. During this time you will be able to find a stealthy gate important to Palais majestic gardens, become relaxed with a dozen of most great terraces, eat quite of croissants, buy a lot of trivial things on Drouot mart. In one word, you will become acquainted with all stealthy pleasures of Paris.


Reserving apartment in Paris through your resident journey action is not very reasonable: at best they will deal you first taste apartments facing the Eiffel Tower at a marvelous worth. Its better to associate candidly through Internet. Therere many web sites, you can letters rent apartment Paris or louer appartement Paris and decide your prized accommodation.

Internet agencies deal apartments for quite sharp phase from numerous living to a fasten of months. delicate ads web sites have a comfortable explore according to different parameters – metric field, ward, worth. likewise, you have a fortune to contract accommodation at first hand.


Most Paris apartments for tourists denote moreover studio a space with integral kitchen, or preset, consisting of numerous small spaces. Therere forever TV, CD-player, kitchen with microwave, toaster, clothes washer in them; anyway, Internet Access sense for owners of notebooks. ring receives only incoming calls: if you want to call superstar, you will have to buy a telephone license.

Where you should fall

outlay, as everywhere, depends on term and chunk of staying. But ward where apartment is situated is the most important cause. Paris is separated into 20 wards (arrondissements), dispersal from axis to periphery spirally.

deep spiral walk, from 1st to 6th wards denotes a historical axis, where therere many old buildings, monuments and museums. Then you can see blocks, built in XIX century. Here you also can outing aristocratic border in the West (16th ward), and eastern periphery, populated with emigrants and proletariat.

Number of ward is definitely renowned in the address, so you will be able to rate your hope accommodation simply, lacking looking in the map. Renting apartments in the axis and such wards like Trocadero (east of the 16th ward), 9th ward, Sent-Onore, around Elysian Fields from Roosevelt street to Triumphal Arch (8th ward), in 12th ward and around Bastille (west of 11th ward) is most pricey. Tiny studio (with 2-stage bed) in the 1st ward (Louver periphery) will price you 550 Euro.

anyhow, you will have to pay at slightest 400 Euro per week. A good apartment will price you more than 1 thousand Euro.

You can find cheaper apartments in 10th, 11th, 14th and 18th wards to the South of Eiffel Tower (15th ward) or around Italian agree (13th ward).

And, lastly, if you are in Paris and want to rent a preset for a sharp while urgently, pay awareness to American churchs update timber (65, quai d’Orsay).

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