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June 16, 2010

Explore Paris With Eyes Wide Open

Politics aside, it’s generally agreed upon that Paris is one of the most charming and culturally rich places to visit anywhere in the world. Its constant presence in literature and song, its popular fashions, and the fact that it serves as the backdrop to so many movies, works of art, and closely-held personal memories cannot be overshadowed by a few international disagreements and spats that go so far as to involve the nomenclature of fried potatoes. Paris grabs everyone’s attention at some point, so if it hasn’t drawn you in yet, expect to feel its pull soon enough.

With its arrondissements, quartiers, and rues, Paris makes the simple act of looking at a map feel like a romantic adventure. It’s true that getting around might be a challenge; but luckily becoming lost along a cobblestone street lined with cafes that serve the finest coffee and pastries you’ve ever had isn’t likely to irk you too much. In fact, go ahead and venture out with no particular itinerary in mind for the quickest way to immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of this delightful city. After this one-of-a-kind getting to know you session, you’ll be ready to see the famous sites in a more traditional way (saving room for more impromptu explorations in between, of course).

There is so much to take note of in Paris; hopefully you’ve stolen enough time away from work to properly fit everything in without having to rush around like a mad person. The museums alone could take years to allow every painting, sculpture, and trinket to be admired for all they are worth. From the Musee d’Orsay, where the impressionist masterpieces dwell, to the Louvre, where the Mona Lisa and a few other familiar faces will welcome you to the City of Light, you will achieve the odd sensation of replacing a dim representation of something with the brilliance of the real thing. This goose bump-inducing feeling is what separates pleasant vacations from marvelous ones.

Let the thrilling chills continue to rise up your spine as you seek out the Eiffel Tower, L’Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, and all the other places you’ll know more intimately from now on. In addition to the attention-grabbing major players, there are also countless Parisian gems that may end up edging out the others as your favorite sights. Take the stairs of Montmartre for example, or the Palais Garnier. If these don’t sound familiar, it’s best to check them out on your own once you’ve unpacked your bags.

Even fashion neophytes know that Paris is a heaven for designers and purchasers of clothing, jewelry, handbags, and shoes. From haute couture to bargain racks, you’ll find what it is you’re looking for in the major shopping districts and sprinkled among the banks and patisseries, so be prepared to spend some time gazing into shop windows at all the awe-inspiring wares. Whether you bring home silly souvenirs, up-to-the-minute fineries, or more likely, a little of both, you’ll find Paris to be highly satisfactory when it comes to delivering the goods.

If you must, you can boil it down to neo-classical architecture, red wine, and a deeply entrenched cultural heritage, but Paris is so much more. It deserves to be explored with eyes wide open and every other sense acting on highest alert. You’ll taste amazing foods, hear the pleasing lilt of the French language, and smell the aromas of fresh baguettes, flower filled jardins, and the fruits of some of the finest vineyards in the world. Paris deserves some time and attention, so come with the willingness to learn and the energy to wander. You won’t be disappointed by your efforts to become acquainted with one of the world’s most intriguing regions, and you’ll likely return home feeling a bit more understanding and content with the knowledge that you’ve expanded your world view significantly.

To truly embrace this rendezvous with the city of romance, you’ll want to make your lodging experience just so. Paris is filled with hotels that range from modest hostels to luxurious suites, but don’t overlook the possibility of living like a local and reserving an elegant apartment or studio. Especially if you decide to stay for a while in order to truly get a feel for this European jewel, you’ll enjoy the experience of settling into a home-like residence outfitted with conveniences like a cute kitchen and special touches like a d├ęcor truly worthy of the adjective chic. Each property is different, so spend a little time picking out the one that best suits your needs, and more importantly, that holds the potential for the most divine enchantments.

No matter how you define the details, your trip to Paris is sure to be a treat. Study the guidebooks, recall the advice you’ve been given from Francophiles, and go online to select one of the many Paris Apartments that will likely speak to your adventurous soul. Everything seems to be coming together for a wondrous trip, so as they say, bon voyage.

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