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April 27, 2010

Car Hire: Increased Rates Over Christmas

A recent survey conducted by the Consumers’ Association has revealed that prices for hiring a vehicle in Northern Ireland over the Christmas period can be two or even three times when compared to prices for the rest of the year.

One rental company, the worst of those reviewed, applied an increase of 237% over the Christmas period. Hiring a standard five-door vehicle for the period between 22nd of December and 5th of January would cost a massive £519.

That’s a £365 jump from the £154 it cost for the first two weeks of December.

Another popular hire company also hikes their prices up over the same period, with an increase of £274.

Oddly enough, someone renting a similar car, from the same companies, only within Paris would not experience the same price increases that are commonplace throughout Northern Ireland.

On average prices can rocket anything from 22% to 53% in the space of just one week.

One of the rental companies in question justified their dramatic price increase by saying “there is no business before and no business after Christmas”. Therefore, they feel they have to recoup their loss by charging extra for the few weeks over Christmas.

It’s worth noting though, that not all car hire companies are guilty of hiking up their prices over the festive season, with a few companies making no difference whatsoever to their hire charges.

To ensure you get a competitive car hire rate then it’s always best to compare quotes from a variety of rental companies, this is best achieved through the use of internet comparison websites.

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